Password protect my files folder android

Another solid choice is GalleryVault.

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  • Lock Files and Folder on Android Phones?
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The key feature set is pretty similar, though the layout emphasizes a wider variety of content for you to save. The app also offers some clever features to make it a ghost on your home screen, as you can hide the icon and launch GalleryVault by typing in a pin into your dialer, a URL in the browser, or using a couple of other clandestine methods to gain access.

Using the dialer also requires you to grant some additional permissions in Android settings menu, but GalleryVault will walk you through it. What you get is pretty good, however.

Locking the Files

It includes fingerprint unlock, an ability to close the app by shaking your phone, and a quick photo of the perpetrator if someone tries to break in. Another choice to consider is Folder Lock. That includes a private cloud, the ability to hide the icon, and a rather clever panic mode that offers a button for quickly switching from one app to another in case you sense someone is looking over your shoulder. Folder Lock gives you a grid layout of all the different type of places for you to save content you want to keep private.

How to hide & protect files-folder in Android phone.

Until then, there are some good choices to be had from the Play Store. As always, no measure is completely foolproof, so think extra hard about putting a copy of your passport or other sensitive materials onto your phone.

How to Open Lock File Manager without Password in Android

Derek Walter is a freelance technology writer based in Northern California. Derek Walter. We have seen how you can hide your photos and videos on Android.

Password Protect Files and Folders in Android Phone

We have also discussed how one can lock an app and secure messages using a password. But what about individual files saved on our SD Card? What if someone wants to lock a PDF, a document or any other file that he wants to hide using a password? Today we will talk about a simple tool for Android called File Locker, using which you can easily lock any file using a password and secure the access to it. Step 1: Download and install File Locker on your device from the Play Store to get started.

How to create a secure and hidden folder on your Android phone | Greenbot

The app works on all the devices running on Android 2. Step 2: After you install the application, launch it. The app will look like a simple file manager and will display all the files and folders on your Android.

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