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How do dual-SIM card phones work?

Contact us. Separate number presentation. Split billing. Policy management. Works with Mobile Device Management. Increased resilience and security. Find out more. For convenience, you can top-up online if you register with the British mobile phone company you purchased the prepaid UK SIM card with. Alternatively, you can purchase top-up card vouchers from news agents, most convenience stores, supermarkets and mobile phone shops.

You then have to dial the number on the back of the top-up card into your phone. You would have to phone the British mobile phone company you are using on the number provided on the card your UK SIM was fixed to. Some service providers give you a top-up number on the receipt rather than a card.

In these instances, the shop you purchase the top-up from will ask for your phone number and dial in the credits for you. You will then receive a text message informing you the credits have been added to your account. If a UK prepaid SIM card is not compatible with your existing phone and you cannot unlock your international phone, you will need to purchase a UK mobile phone.

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This involves paying the full price for the phone together with credits to make calls and send text messages. Credits purchased on a prepaid UK SIM card carry over from one month to the next, even if you do not use them. But if your UK SIM card is inactive for six months, the number is deactivated and you lose any credit on the phone. The best deal for you depends on your budget and how much you are likely to use your phone.

SIM card deals in the UK are generally quite broad in their range.

Britons have 50 contacts in mobile phone but have memorised just two numbers - Telegraph

For example, you can find deals for as little as GBP 5 a month for 25 minutes of talk time, text messages and 1 GB of data. Heavy users will want unlimited usage which cost from GBP 15 a month. These include, Tesco and Virgin Mobile. EE has the best nationwide coverage and installed 4G broadband connections across 97 percent of the UK in So for example, your UK mobile phone number will look something like this: They then drop the first 0 from the number of your phone.

Those calling a UK mobile phone number from abroad will dial a number that look like this: There will likely be, however, some companies in your home country that offer international SIM cards which significantly reduce roaming charges. This means calls can be made at the same price as a domestic call. See EU roaming tariffs here. International SIMs support two phone numbers: Text sales prospects or clients without worrying about them getting your personal cell phone number. Not only does this keep you safe, but it looks more professional. You can get a local phone number with a US area code plus customizable voicemail, business hour ring option, text messages and more.

You can try it free for 30 days. It was originally designed to create a temporary number, but permanent options are now available. The mini burner will give you 14 days with limited talk time and text messages, while the permanent version is a monthly plan for as long as you need the number. There is also a three-line plan if you happen to need more numbers.

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With Google Voice , all you need is a Google account to get a new phone number. The calls can be routed to your mobile phone, computer, home, office or another location. In addition to standard calling features, the app also transcribes voicemail messages to text. Like Burner, Hushed has temporary and permanent options for your second phone number. It starts with a free number for three days, followed by seven-day and permanent plans you have to pay for. Features include custom voicemail messages and call-forwarding.

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Dingtone gives you a free US number so you can make calls or text to any landline or mobile device in over countries. The company uses its dedicated VoIP network to deliver HD voice and also provides instant messaging to share photos, videos, locations and contacts. Free Tone says it gives you unlimited free calls and texts to U.

The company uses VoIP technology to deliver the service. The free calls only apply to the contiguous US and Canada, so make sure you check if you plan calling anywhere else. CoverMe gives you end-to-end encryption to make secure private calls and send texts with your new number.

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The app also has a private vault to hide photos, videos, passwords and files. You can get US and Canadian numbers for many different area codes. It includes one touch access to call recording, conference calling, eavesdrop, voicemail transcription and flip call features. The app includes a professional company greeting and an auto attendant for call routing, voicemail and call forwarding.

You pay as you go by only purchasing the credits you need for your second number. You can port your existing phone number with caller ID, dedicated voicemail, call forwarding and picture and video messaging. Line2 offers full feature business phone systems for your second number starting with 1, minutes of outbound calling or forwarding. You can get a number in any city in the U.

The subscription-free pricing lets you use the number for a single call or long-term use.

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The company also provides vanity numbers for your business with calling and texting features. The calling and texting minutes you pay for roll over instead of expiring, and they are good for any LineUp numbers you have. Numbers Plus lets you create multiple numbers and keep them as long as you want. Currently it only supports US and Canadian numbers for making calls and texting.

You can try it for free and use the in-app purchase feature for additional time and numbers. The Phoner app has a random phone number generator to quickly give you a temporary or permanent number.