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Are more aware the tops, I planned to use 5 different.. On the Google Play Store you have the possibility to localize your videos: In some cases, it might make sense to go beyond just translating and showing the localized UI. If a market is important for your app and there are significant cultural differences, then you might want to adapt the promo video or create a new one that has a better cultural fit.

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The user is already considering downloading your app, so now that you have the viewer excited, make sure you explicitly remind them to actually download it at the end of your video. The feature graphic is the very first creative asset besides your icon that visitors see on your Google Play Store listing. There are a few rules to optimize your Google Play Store listing and there are best practices for feature graphics too: So how to make a professional promo videos for Android? We try the app, take a look at the different marketing assets website, play store page, general communication, etc.

If you produce the video internally, those are discussions you can have within your team only: We then put together a script or synopsis: In case it is established that a voice over adds value, we put a first script down for this as well.

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Plus, at this stage, modifications are just text edits and therefore not costly…So share it with the relevant persons on your team! Of course we also add a few sentences about our approach and why we make certain choices, usually referring back to the general tips given in the section above.

This and its benefits are a good starting point. After confirming, we sent them visuals for each of the main scenes. Not the most exciting part but a very important one: With the designs part, this is when things really come to life and the initial planning really pays off! Each project is different but we recommend following these tips and general process.

If you have ads on your YouTube channel, figure out a way to not have it for your promotional video on the Play Store. With a public video, getting additional views from Play Store visitors helps getting your video ranked higher. With an unlisted video, you know that most of the views you get on your video are from visitors of the Google Play Store which make it simpler to analyze your Youtube analytics. YouTube analytics allow you to get very interesting insights on your video , especially when it comes to engagement. With YouTube analytics you can also know in which countries your video is watched the most, and prioritize localization.

Optimizing your Play Store listing is kind of an everlasting task. But it is worth it, as it allows you to get more people to install your app. When adding an app store video for your Android app, you have two main goals: So how do you know if adding a promo video to your Google Play Store listing or any other change, really actually helps?

The tool allows you to measure which version brings the most downloads:. It is very easy to get started with Google Play Store listing experiments.

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You then need to find how to present your app in its best light. And we can help with both the conceptual phase and the actual app promo video production! Looking to increase conversion or acquire users? Check out our app video services. To commit to a quote and timeline as well as make better recommandations we need a better understanding of your project first. To learn more about how we use your data, please refer to our privacy policy. Promo video: Why should you care about app store videos?

Examples of promo videos for Android So how do professional promotional videos for the Google Play Store look like? Does video help get more downloads? For example: An Android promotional video on the Google Play Store is not shown in the search results, except for some brand searches.

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On iOS, the first video is shown in the search results; On the Play Store, you can have only one video. On the iOS App Store, you can have up to 3 videos and they autoplay in mute. On the Apple App Store the orientation of your video can vary.

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Use Android devices and badge only Google gives you complete creative freedom when it comes to creating your app promo video. Best practices for videos for Android apps Keep it short Google recommends to keep the promotional video you use on the Play Store between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Most important benefit first Unlike a TV ad, users can stop watching your video on the Play Store anytime. Optimize for mobile You have creative freedom. So make sure everything shows well on a small screen: A good test is to always look at your app video on a rather small device when reviewing it.