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Day 4. First top-up minimum RM Day Account validity expired. You top-up RM Account validity expired since day Check your balance with MyUMobile App. Checking your balance via MyUMobile App is easy. Top up your prepaid account. Purchase Internet plans and add-ons. Find and claim nearby U Card rewards and more!

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Download MyUmobile App:. Other ways to check your balance. To check your credit balance. To check your freebie balance. Pek Permulaan. Dipramuat dengan.

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Kadar terendah ke semua rangkaian. Dapatkan yang terbaik dari tambah nilai anda. Tambah nilai RM Masih menggunakan pelan prabayar lama kami? Sila pastikan anda mempunyai kredit yang mencukupi sebelum membuat penukaran. Mahu sertai kami? Naik taraf ke U Mobile dan kekalkan nombor anda. Info lanjut. Hari 1. Pek permulaan diaktifkan. Hari 4.

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Tambah nilai pertama minima RM Hari Tempoh sah tamat. Tempoh sah akaun tamat sejak hari ke Periksa baki dengan Aplikasi MyUMobile. Tambah nilai akaun prabayar. Beli pelan Internet dan lain-lain. Nikmati ganjaran U Card berdekatan anda dan banyak lagi! Muat turun Aplikasi MyUMobile:. Cara lain untuk menyemak baki anda.

Untuk memeriksa baki kredit. How do I stay active? How do I subscribe to UMI plans? You may subscribe via: Who is eligible to be on the new Power Prepaid Plan? Am I allowed to switch my rate plan during the passive period? Plan switching is only allowed when you are in an active period.

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What happens to my remaining credit balance if any after I have switched to the Power Prepaid plan? Your credit balance will be carried over after deducting a switching fee of RM3. You must comply with those Terms and Condition including the relevant service description, our Fair Use Policy, Privacy Policy and these terms and conditions collectively, the " Terms ". We reserve the right to modify or otherwise change these Terms including the charges without notice to you.

This overrides any requirement where we may have to give you notice in other parts of our agreement with you. If you make any on-net calls during the period of your free calls, your usage block is based on 60 seconds. If you have any free voice calls or SMS from another U Mobile promotions, those promotions will be deemed to be used first followed by the free calls or free SMS given under this Promotion.

The maximum free calls will not exceed days. If you have any free voice calls from another U Mobile promotion, they will be deemed to be used first followed by the free calls given under this Promotion. The lifecycle of the Power Prepaid Plan comes with 10 days active and 60 days passive period. During the passive period, you cannot use any of the services including internet, make outgoing calls and SMS but you can receive incoming calls and SMS. To stay in the active period, you need to perform top-up.

If you do not perform any top-up during the passive period, your Account will be terminated. The validity is 1x the value of your top up amount. Your Account validity will follow the longest validity.

U Mobile - Prepaid Top Up

However, if the validity of your subsequent top up amount expires after the current expiry date, the new expiry date will be based on the validity period of the top up amount calculated from the date of the top up. Otherwise, there will be no change to the current expiry date. For example, if you top up RM30 on Day 1 and you make another top up of RM10 on day 15, your Account validity will still be 30 days and not 40 days.

Subscribers must maintain their Accounts to be in "active" status throughout the duration of the services in order to enjoy all the promotions and services according to these terms and conditions. Active means able to make and receive calls. This Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers unless expressly stated. This Promotion is available until withdrawn by us. Free on-net calls for Power Prepaid plan: For clarity: However, the maximum free calls allocation per day will not exceed 15 minutes.

The free calls are non-transferable either to any other person, entity or any other prepaid account. Purchase a top up for yourself or a friend, anytime, anywhere! Purchase a reload voucher and top up your prepaid offline. Sekarang anda boleh menambah nilai ke mana-mana nombor prabayar U Mobile tanpa log masuk ke akaun Self Care.

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Tambah nilai untuk diri sendiri dan rakan anda pada bila-bila masa, dimana sahaja anda berada! Pilih Top Up My Account. Tambah nilai prabayar anda di luar talian dengan membeli baucar pengisian. There are no additional charges incurred for using Prepaid Top Up, other than the selected top up amount. Upon successful top up, an email notification will be sent to your pre-defined email address with a digital receipt. Every RM1 top up is equivalent to 1 day of active period. The maximum active period at any one time is days.

For example: Disable all pop-up blockers or be aware of pop-ups being blocked. Check if your card uses 3D secure authentication. Certain banks require 3D secure pre-registration. You will be able to continue enjoying App-Onz. However, to enjoy free calls to U Mobile numbers you must perform a minimum top up of RM1. Home Plans Prepaid Top Up. Top up now. Online prepaid top up You can now top up to any U Mobile prepaid number without having to login to your Self Care account.

Download MyUmobile App:. Top up online via Self Care Top up and manage your account all in one place by logging in to our online Self Care portal. Already have a top up code? Activate a top up via shortcode. Activate a top up via SMS. Top up locations Category. Sort by. Subscribe via UMB. Subscribe via MyUMobile App. Tambah nilai prabayar atas talian Sekarang anda boleh menambah nilai ke mana-mana nombor prabayar U Mobile tanpa log masuk ke akaun Self Care. Muat turun Aplikasi MyUMobile:. Tambah nilai atas talian melalui Self Care Log masuk ke laman Self Care atas talian untuk menambah nilai dan mengurus akaun anda.

Sudah mempunyai kod tambah nilai? Aktifkan tambah nilai dengan kod pendek. Aktifkan tambah nilai dengan SMS. Lokasi tambah nilai Kategori. Langgan menerusi UMB. Langgan menerusi MyUMobile App. No sign up is required. Can I top up to my U Mobile postpaid account? The service is only available to top up for U Mobile prepaid numbers.

How many top ups can I make in a day? Can I do bulk reloads? The service currently does not cater to bulk reloads. How do I know if the transaction is successful? What is the credit validity? The credit validity is based on the plan that has been purchased: Having issues with your payment? How do I extend my account validity? How long can I extend my account validity and what is the cost of this service? Your account validity will be extended for one day at RM1 only. Can I subscribe to this service when my line is not active? What is the minimum credit balance required before subscribing to this service?

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You must have at least RM1 credit balance before subscribing to this service. How many times can I subscribe to this service? You can subscribe to this service 1 time a day or 5 times a month. Will I be notified after I have successfully subscribed to this service? An SMS will be sent to you to confirm your subscription. Can I cancel the subscription? No, you will not be able to cancel your subscription.

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  6. Prepaid Top Up These Terms and Conditions are the general terms and conditions on which we supply the Services to you and will constitute the agreement between you and us.