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Questionably bold in 2011, and no better with time

How to access the filemanager in my Blackberry? Now you will see the file manager. You should be disconnected from PC or disable the mass storage mode in order to access the media card. You can install three types of files: JAR or Java applications: Blackberry has limited support for. It may or may not install on your BB. Because Blackberry do not support some of the modules required by some.

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But there are java apps specifically written for Blackberry devices. These will install without any hiccup. Here is how to install a jar file:. In the BB, open the file manager.

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Browse to where you saved the jar file and click it. It may take a lot of time unless it is a blackberry specific application. It may or may not install because most of the java apps are not designed for Blackberries especially games. All you need to know about Apple iOS.

BlackBerry Q10 vs BlackBerry Bold 9900: Comparison Review

All you need to know about Windows Hidester - A VPN that keeps you safe online. Showing posts with label BlackBerry. Show all posts. No comments: BBM Music which is currently under Beta testing has been updated to version 1. The beta version is available to only a selected few testers who received invitations from RIM.

The update is primarily set to fix bugs on the previous version but also has the following new features to offer: Those who are looking to make a claim on the deal will have to have own a BlackBerry smartphone and will have to have their receipts in order to lay claim to the prize. Head over to the source link for the full set of requirements and information you need to get your hands on this deal.

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Remember the deal is only available until the 22nd of Sep Watch the latest videos and create playlists of your favorite videos anytime, anywhere. You can download the latest version of the app directly on your device through the BlackBerry App World or by using the link below: It stands at 4. But due to the small size, it's actually quite clear; not up to Retina standards, but close, with solid contrast and sharp text and graphics.

Much of the appeal of the device comes from its physical keyboard, and luckily it's a stellar performer in use.

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The individual buttons are responsive, as well as nicely differentiated via lightly curved surfaces based on intended thumb usage. If you can't live without a physical keyboard on your smartphone, the Bold 's is a very solid one indeed. Above the keyboard are four physical buttons that respectively from left let you make or answer a call, open up a menu, dial back a screen, and either end a call or power off the phone.

Right in the middle of those buttons is a hybrid touchpad button that lets you navigate menus in place of tapping the touchscreen.

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