Galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 screen ppi

As all Android fans well know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a 4. Unfortunately, at the time when Samsung oficially announced the Galaxy S3, many have been disappointed by the fact that the display on the third incarnation of the Samsung Galaxy S line featured a PenTile display, and not one based on a true RGB matrix as is the case with the display on the other Samsung flagship, the Galaxy Note 2. Overall, the Galaxy S3 features one of the best p The biggest change that the Apple iPhone 5 brings to the most successful smartphone line ever is a longer display.

Unfortunately, since the display is actually exactly as wide as it was with the iPhone 4S, running at a x resolution thus obtaining a PPI ratio, just barely under the PPI density showcased by the iPhone 4S. The visual elements you are already used to on the iPhone do not grow bigger with the iPhone 5, although the canvas just got taller, meaning there is space for more elements on it. Running p videos on a display that is just a little under that resolution requires extra operations from the processor, although this task is definitely an easy one for the iPhone 5 internals. But how do the extra 0.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 measures In the Apple corner, the iPhone 5 measures Given the 0. But one thing that has surprised many is the fact that the iPhone 5 is considerably slimmer than the Galaxy S3 7. While I can almost understand that the Oppo Finder — 6.

Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3: In-depth comparison

If you want a big 4. If you want a more compact slim and pocketable design and are willing to sacrifice a bit of screen real estate, go for the iPhone 5. The U.

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  3. Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3.

Benchmark results clearly denote that the quad-core international version of the S3 is considerably faster than its S4 counterpart. Although the processor is not quad-core as many might have expected, Apple claims that the dual-core CPU inside the A6 is twice as powerful as the dual-core processor used in the iPhone 4S. For one thing, until Samsung releases more S Beam-equipped devices, you can only do this with another Galaxy S3 device. For another, how often do you really need to share files between smartphones? To play devil's advocate, maybe the ability to easily do so is all that's been holding us back, and now that Samsung has shown us the way, we'll all eventually be smartphone file sharing sons of guns.

Mobile payments, on the other hand, will be awesome when the world settles on a platform. The world hasn't yet, however, and that makes the NFC feature in the S3 something that's likely to see little use for most users. The irony is that one reason the world hasn't settled on an NFC mobile payment solution is likely because Apple hasn't implemented it yet. S Voice is Samsung's attempt to match Apple's Siri. It fails to do so—we couldn't find a single review that give S Voice high marks, let alone higher marks than Siri—but it does offer more voice controls for the phone than it would otherwise have.

We don't know a lot about the A6 processor in the iPhone 5, but Apple claims it's twice as fast as the still-speedy A5. The Cortex A9 processor in the Galaxy S3 also gets great marks.

We don't think the processor is a differentiator at this point in the smartphone race. Size matters. The problem is that it matters differently for different people. As we noted above, some people love the massive 4. We like the way the iPhone 5 fits in our hands. Apple pays a lot of attention—more so than any other tech company on the planet—to these things, and in our opinion the iPhone 5 hits the sweet spot. It's thin, it's light, it's wide enough to use while still fitting comfortable in our hands, and the added screen real estate will be noticeable to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users.

This is one of those completely subjective things, and you'll just have to decide which you prefer. We will own up to being biased.

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We believe Apple makes a higher quality product than the rest of the computing, smartphone, and tablet market. We found complaints about the S3 "feeling cheap" in your hand on Google, but try and find someone who says the same thing about an iPhone. Part of it is the lack of plastic on the iPhone. It's all metal and glass.

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Part of it is the lack of a removable battery on the iPhone a deal-killer for some folks. The iPhone feels solid because it is solid. Still, the Galaxy S3 isn't a piece of junk. Samsung has a very good device with the S3, but we give the nod to Apple.

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As we noted at the top of this comparison, we prefer the iPhone 5. Both devices have great specs, both have some advantages over the other, and both have different approaches that will appeal to different people differently. Most people reading this will likely already have their own minds made up before ever clicking through to our comparison. They're here not to make up their minds, but rather to see if our opinions match theirs so that they can then judge us as either idiots or fair minded reviewers with great insight even though this isn't a review, but a spec comparison.

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  • Spec Comparison: Apple's iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • If, however, you are one of the few who is really looking for buying advice based on specs, we encourage you to think differently. Some people find that a 4. So before you buy a phone, try it out in the store. As for the thickness, the iPhone 5 happens to be the overall thinnest phone on the market.

    Standing at 7. Some people actually have said the iPhone 5 is becoming too thin. The weights of the two phones are closely comparable, as the iPhone 5 holds at 3. It is very convenient for users who want a wide range of storage options, but the S3 has an even better storage concept. Apple has produced their own systems-on-a-chip for the past three years. Handing the spotlight over to Samsung, the S3 uses a Qualcomm S4 1. Included on both devices is the capability to run on LTE networks.

    The camera may be the most important feature of the phone to specific buyers. We bring our phones literally everywhere, and they are being used to take pictures more than physical cameras.

    iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Specs & Design Comparison | iPhone in Canada Blog

    The iPhone 5 and S3 have similar camera hardware, both shooting 8 megapixel shots and p video. Furthermore, they both have the ability to enter panorama photo mode. I would say that neither camera is better than the other based off of photos available on the internet. With past Apple phones, many users complained about battery life, especially promptly after the iPhone 4S release.