Doors walkthrough iphone level 8

Doors Solution - Door 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (All levels) -

Level 35 — Make a mirror image. Before the smoke reaches to the top, look at how many turns you need to do. The thing sound wave on the floor is a clue I think but not sure what. I think you have to click as soon as all the bars drop above the door. Level 37 — Objective is to get four blocks in to the middle tower to meet the arrows. Move blocks to shortest tower 3, 0, 5. Then from the shortest to middle 0, 3, 5 , then once again move remaining from the tallest tower to the shortest tower 3, 3, 2.

Now move from the shortest to the middle 1, 5, 2. Then move from the middle to the tallest 1, 0, 7. Move from the shortest tower to the middle 0, 1, 5. Move from tallest to shortest 3, 1, 4. Finally move shortest to middle 0, 4, 2. Level 39 — Click in the following order: L evel 40 — Flip your phone then copy down the order of colours shown.. Level 41 — Pick up the wheel, select it and place above the door on the black panel. Then slide it, its difficult to tell but under it are the numbers: Enter in to keypad.

Bigger plates cant go on smaller plates. Its a pretty simple game, a bit of trial and error involved. Level 44 — Look above the door, the 4 shapes signify the number.

Walkthrough level 8

For e. Level 45 — Hold the light till the room gets dark, click the door when you see it. Level 46 — Hit the bell in the pattern of the door, just tilt your phone. Level 47 — You can only input the code when you have all 3 balls. If its too difficult, ask a 10 year old to do it. Level 48 — If it was a compass, press in this order: Level 49 — The symbols above the door represent HH: The symbols on the door are the code you need to work out.

Ive noticed the code changes every so I cant give you a code. But Ive attached an image below. Probably more fun to do it yourself but just match the symbols on the door with the numbers below and bobs your uncle! Level 50 — The objective is to find the three numbers that add up to make the number inside.

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Just click the buttons in the order shown. Level 52 — The cross hatches is actually a patch, tilt your phone to see the paper. The clock is ticking backwards denoting that the code is backwards too. Ive not come up with instructions yet but its fairly easy to rearrange. Aim to get the Reds done first, then the blues, the greens will obv fall in to place.

Then follow on. Then go up, left, down, right, up, left and follow on.

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Then go down, left, up, down, right. Follow on. Level 55 — The code changes each time. Use the 24 hour-clock method so if the clock is on at Level 56 — Press the first one twice. The V and X are indeed roman numerals. The code is 6 75 14 65 rotate in the right order and try to be bang on.. Level 58 — Basically when the red dot hits or gets near to each light, shake the phone, the first light should light up green..

Level 59 — As the code device is numbers so are the colours.

DOOORS 5 – room escape – Level 8

The top colour bar represents the order in which the should be inputted. The code is Level 61 — The code varies, The tick means, the number is correct, the cross means its wrong, the plus means its the next number up. Start by pressing test. If all are crosses, start by getting a tick on the first digit then the others. Level 62 — The puzzle changes, You have to rearrange them in the right order.

Light it and look for the code on the wall near the top. Level 64 — This ones difficult to explain. Theres 5 levels. If you make a mistake, press the refresh button top left not the cross! Level 1: Tilt your device to the right to move hte green bar at the top and reveal the other numbers: Change the correct number of white boxes to green based on those numbers going from left to right and press the door to open it.

Wait until the green light stops at the light the arrow is pointing to and then press the door.

DOOORS APEX – room escape game -: Walkthrough

Use the cross on the ghost. Look at the black stripes and the red stripes. Press the red lines hidden on the edge of the right wall to see which way you have to move the door. Slide the door in this order: His goal for the website is to make it one of the best sources for all mobile gaming news. Your email address will not be published.

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