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Sign up. Bookmark Tech Sign In Page. Follow 0. Tech Sign In Page. Currently the market share of Oracle apps is too less than SAP. As per my experience I gradually want to switch to Apps functional. Or should I take any course in SAP? Please suggest. It is urgent. Regards, Somya Pradhan". By Anonymous. Tuesday November 11, Answer this question. Sign In to Post a Comment.

Sign In. November 12, Hello, This issue was widely discussed on this site, you can probably search and find a lot of information. If you are a ""true IT soul"", passionate about technology and programming, then go for it, you will have a lot of satisfactions. I guess that Oracle applications is more or less the same story, lots of clerk work which will get you feel extremely bored very soon What happens on the market maybe does have some impact, but, if I were to find a job by any means, then I personally would rather go and work in a grocery or bakery, and NOT waste my time and brain to become an ERP implementor Hope you will forgive me for being so straight-forward, but this is pure reality!

Good luck and all the best, Iudith. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. Hi All, Well said iudithm. First Somya needs to understand about your interest and needs. No matter what technology you tend to explore due to market demand, will be obsolete one day and replace with new technology. If you are functional skilled person and interested within that scope then enhance your skill in that domain. A lot of us facing issue as we never focus in the field we are working.

Tend to learn everything but none of it we master. Demand for each technology always there as not every organization following the trend drastically. It is matter of how good you are with technology you are working on it. I've also wondered about the future of the DBA going forward as Oracle continues to push the envelope with respect to automating DBA tasks.

Great exchange, and I'm glad that this thread was highlighted on the OTN home page, otherwise, I would have never read it! Future of DBA January 05, - 7: Graham from UK. The discussion in this thread seems to be largely about how DBAs can become more valuable by expanding their skills into development. However, there is another way in which DBAs can become much more valuable to an expanding company and that is by moving into the often neglected realm of data architecture.

A data architect's remit is usually to investigate and decide what hardware and software needs to be deployed to cater for growth and changes to the business, to research and then to decide how new and emerging technologies e. SAN, 10g, other database technologies, etc. With the skills experienced DBAs will have gleaned from working day-to-day with databases, developers, end-users, and management, they are in an almost uniquely good position to add value to their companies - and CVs - by moving into architecture.

DBA is incomplete without developer January 06, - 6: You can not realize and understand all problems in a system without developer knowledge. Learn developer and then try to digest all of dba.

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Then you can be king of DBA. Reading through this thread, I just coulnt resist contributing to it. I have been associated with the Oracle Software thru realeases 8,8i Rel1,Rel2,Rel3 and 9i rel1 and rel2 , since I mean most applicatoins are designed still in the old fashioned way and implemented and finally the DBA is pressed into service only when some bottleneck shows up! That is sad! And as far as the job scene is concerned, I feel still companies have not become so broad-minded.

The still type-cast the person as "ok he knows how to tune a database, but he is a developer, so I wont let him touch my SYSTEM schema"! And if you try to position yourself as a person who can offer the best of both worlds, then you end up getting nowhere!! Because, even though outwardly the companies desire to have a person who is good at both, when it comes to hiring, company talks of having only ONE core skillset and sticking to it. Lot of growing up is needed on the companies front. As for the applications themselves, I have see big names in software, not actually using the vast user account management features provided in the Oracle Database!

But then coming back to the original thread of discussion, offerring a combo-pack of both developer and dba makes sense only in a mature market! This is what we get in terms of Future DBA's People esplly from developing countries like India,Pak,bangla and the rest tend to be a Jack of all trades in order to get employed and in order for them to survive. So what's the outcome? I cannot blame them for being wary about the future since specialty is not their focus but survival.

DBA Jobs February 09, - 4: What do you need to do to get your resume noticed? Still I"ve been sending my resume and nobody is replying. What am I missing?

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Dan-O from Chicago, usa. Preet Singh from Mississauga, Canada. What is the role of an Application DBA? How does it differ from that of a Production DBA. What is the next role into which an Application DBA can move? Duke Ganote from beautiful Warsaw, Indiana. Preet Singh from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Thanks Tom and Duke for your quick responses. Tom, I refer to the Ask Tom site almost everyday for looking up answers to various Oracle problems in my day to day work.

The link provided by Duke is a closer description of my job role as an applicaton dba.

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Hi Tom, Good thread. I would like to add new dimension to this which I think lot of people may be having same question in their mind. I am working for a MNC bank in India. In my organisation, most of Senior IT people very very strongly beliving that if a senior IT person is having more functional knowldege then technical then chances of his career is bright. While I strongly beliving that as we are in IT professional SO we should be strong in Technical knowledge and functionally we should not think much.

Functionally very poor knowledge will also do. What is your opinion about this? I really want opinion of a person, expert like you and other great pals on this site. Functionality vs Technology May 07, - You have to remember the number 1 asset of any company or organization is their Data..

Data good or bad drives the decision making process. Becoming knowledgable about the Business rules of engagement,logic and how the data is designed and created to fulfill the goals and objectives is the most important asset you can acquire for yourself. On interviews when I am asked if I have any questions I spend that time asking questions about Business Operations, Goals and future plans It tells an employer that you are prepared to participate, train and perform in the future direction of the organization and that your technical skills are tools towards accomplishing those means.

Asking these types of questions will set you apart from the regular 'techy' that can only answer technical questions. You then have to be prepared to "walk the walk". In my case my organization places my value to them in monetary terms By saving the organization approx 25K per year in outsourcing fees creating and designing in-house Analysis Reports. It requires a broad knowledge about the data I have to work with.

May 07, - 2: I have tons of books that give illustrations,explanations and instructions.. Quering the data dictionary only provides the design structure. May 07, - 3: The message behind this thread appears to be DBA's, in today's marketplace, are finding it more difficult to land jobs and what does the future hold for DBA's, who are just that The last poster commented about those who have technical skills vs functionality skills and how today's market favors those who have functionality skills. My example of the 'value' my organization has invested in me is not in my DBA skills which of course is important since I oversee the monitoring and maintenance of the db but in how I can take the existing data and create better, more efficient comprehensive data analysis that is crucial for management decisions and planning.

I believe that is the driving force in most companies today and that those are the skills employers tend to favor. Some observations May 07, - 4: Michael from Allentown, PA. I started with version 5. I learned along the way: I have worked with enough hot dogs who never double check or test anything or check with anyone before rolling things out, and have seen otherwise bright people really screw up a DB. It takes intelligence, concentration, process and detail orientation, anal retentiveness, and other such endearing personality traits to make a good dba.

A DBA can absolutely add value in the database design process. A good DBA will be a good database planner. I personally was spending too much time with managing rollbacks, files now use OMF , computing statistics, etc. I have freed myself from a lot of that grunt work and can now add more value in table design, indexing strategies, etc. We have a large DWH. I replaced an "Enterprise Manager DBA" who used almost all default parameters in the DB, and was pretty much just barely keeping the database running.

Some are really good. Some are frighteningly bad. My friend, a noted Oracle expert, said an OCP DBA came up and asked him how to startup a database at the unix command line his pc was being fixed. Two other OCPs told me on the phone they were doing cold backups, but when quizzed they said the database was up at the time. I have heard many other such stories. Tom has many great discussions on those out here and a terrific chapter on them in the One-on-One book.

The users here are currently running some horrible reports that should absolutely be replaced by the new SQL functions.

That is the key. Everything was done via OEM and the handy-dandy database configurator. I spent the first two months completely redoing the db environment. I Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 07, - 5: Michael i agree. Your experience speaks for itself. Certainly Certification can never out do in-depth knowledge and experience. I still have a long way to go. I try go learn by reading articles from Tom and discussions we all share here. Just keep up the good work. Thanks Tom and all the rest. May 08, - 4: Hi Tom , Currently no search can be performed on your site.

So through of informing you. Here is the error i received. Oracle Text error: Hello Tom, I am one of the regular reader of your forum. I have some doubts,please clarify: How to tune the query? What are the tools available for tuning?. Best tool among it? Whether the Ref. Different optimization techiques in oracle ,forms and reports? Thanks a million To "subash from India" May 08, - Robert from CT. Dude, sure you're talking about THIS forum??? Someone took the trouble to make sure of it. Sorry Tom, can't help it July 07, - 3: Hey guys Don't think that DBA job is a bad job.

Only thing we should make sure is that our skills are the most paid. September 21, - Do you think it is indicating our DBA's role getting reduced with less bright future? What about this sort of future October 14, - 2: Hans Wijte from The Netherlands.

Hi Tom I just read this: Best regards, Hans. October 14, - Intelligent machines that will far surpass the human brain. Having human origins, they will claim to be human, and to have human feelings. And being immensely intelligent, they'll be very convincing when they tell us these things. I'm ready to get rid of this 'old' body. This book is a definite must read. October 15, - 9: I wish I was being born a hundred years from now. Imagine the implications.. Impact on food Production will we need any kind of "food" for sustenance? School System: Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". Here's one about Programmers October 15, - No diseases in the future?

October 15, - 1: Bob B from Albany, NY. I highly doubt that those diseases you mentioned will be gone. More than likely, life will be closer to the matrix, but instead of large clanky robots sapping the life out of us, it will be large clanky corporations. And the large clanky corporations will make us pay them to do it! We probably have the technology right now to cure these diseases, but as Chris Rock said, "The money's not in the cure, the money's in the disease. Future is in your own hands November 02, - 5: Goth from India. A true Oracle person cannot have any problem at all doing the job of a DBA or a developer or a designer with equal ease.

True, aptitude counts but it cannot replace determination. It may take some time to learn new things, but learn anyone can. So what if DBA-roles become irrelevant, find something else. Anyway, only an utterly foolish organisation will claim they do not need a single Oracle-DBA whilst still using an Oracle-database.

If the jobs go overseas, then you go overseas too!.. Indians and Chinese have been doing that, Europeans have done it in the past, so can anyone else. True, Oracle is introducing things to ease the burden on DBAs. True also that development interfaces are getting smarter and easing the developer's work. That much is inevitable. Database Baby Sitting December 01, - 1: Sai from USA. Database Baby Sitting is over with Oracle 7. Without the Business knowledge, I could not redesign and tune this process to run in 10 min.

My point is as DBA you should know the Business. DBA - is quite a job January 15, - Abigail from Dubai, UAE. Hi folks, This thread has opened up many queries which were ringing in my mind. However, I am a programmer and now in the implementation and maintenance phase of the application developed by us our team. In this phase I would like to know whether there is any way, to initialise values to the no of sesssions that Oracle will support.

If so where do I get to define it. For I find sessions, getting created in a random, most of which are idle, and are killed once the application is closed. I dont find anything wrong with the application.

What´s your oppinion about the DBA job in the future

I guess there is something I need to do with the Oracle Server. COuld somebody tell me how to go about this, and means to go about this, as this is a gripping need of the hour, when it comes to the fact that all users use the application at the same time, which causes a bottleneck. Thnx guys. Thanx for replying January 16, - 7: Abigail from Dubai,UAE.

The sessions do get created randomly, and get killed once the applications are closed. I wanted to know whether there is some way by which i could trace where and how this is done. I checked with the application VB codes and dont find any clue. So I thought there would be means for me to change certain parameters in the init.

Is this wat I should do or I should still more scrutinise in the codings, for I have found that authentic sessions creation are 4 per application usage. Your advice will be many a help. I am core DBA and want to work as app's or dw dba. Sessions - initialisation in spfile January 17, - 3: Is it bcos of which there is a bottleneck when many users log on at the same time. If this is the problem will putting this to ease the situation. Any suggestions.. Yes sir i know that "just knowing the Database" is not enough as there is lots more happening otherwise.

What my point was that Oracle is enhancing the database a lots in so many fields which invloves so many topics that are tightly bound to exclusively to database. Is it a right choice for career at this point when iam a newbie? January 17, - 8: I like 'C' January 17, - 9: I guess procedural code still rules the world! Dan Malumphy from Cleveland, OH. Unfortunatly the precompiler hasn't really changed since Oracle 8 and as a result it is difficult to get the programers to learn and use features such as analytics. But it certainly does the job and does it well.

Database Performance Study July 05, - 1: The document offers some really good strategies for troubleshooting db performance issues, not just Oracle but DBMS in general. Some interesting SQL Tuning examples were explored and tested. Naveed from Pakistan. October 29, - 8: Anuj from USA. Hi, I have been following this thread for some time now.

I am in a FIX of my life.

What is the future for an Oracle DBA? « Oracle DBA – A lifelong learning experience

I am still young I work as. NET developer. I fell. Net development is more like developing a Front End Now days. I want to change my line but I am very confused whether to go for: Data Warehousing Informatica , Cognos 2. ORacle Apps 3. Oracle DBA I am planning to take formal training in any one of these.

Can you suggest me where should I go what is best way to go. Looking for comments from all you people. Thanx sir for replying.

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  8. I like to write Code since doing a repetitive sort of job dont really motivate me. I was looking at Data Warehousing tools I am not really sure what is the future in them.

    Future of Oracle Apps?

    Oracle Apps looked to be a good choice but I feel DataWarehousing is more paid. Can you tell me how good is SAP as a choice. January 29, - 7: Tom wake me March 03, - Jay from Spain. Hi, I'm a Developer, with 3 or 4 years of experience only.. There are sooo many people work as DBA that as 0 idea of how oracle is running, or obsolete. I made and saw incredible errors bugs, bad database tuning and configurations, etc I want know all about Oracle, how works, testing cases, share this with collegues. Thanks to all for this great site and for sharing knowledgements with people like me.

    I'm hope I could some day be a good developer, dba, or something else. Spell it out there! March 24, - A reader from India. They don't say that, though. Or is there a fine print somewhere? Why spell it out? Historically, it's "obvious" that better tools don't eliminate work. More tedious and repetitive tasks get automated how many of us write assembler? Every reduction of tedious work means an opportunity to invest time in more productive features. Not that there aren't ups and downs in every job market.

    Why do features grow and work never ends? What should i do to become a best dba? I wanted to know. How can i be the best DBA in the feature? In what areas i should concetrate to become a best DBA? I just wanted to be with oracle Database side only not application products side. Please bear in mind ,your answer is going to direct my feature life.

    I started my dba career Of course this is my first job from last 6 months! Exactly 6 months and 4 days!!! But what about some pointy haired bosses who seem to think that DBA's are just no longer needed. Especially after his meeting with oracle marketing team. Thanks, Dilip. DBA Job March 24, - 2: I think demand for old kind of DBA job is history. Companies do not need more than 1 DBA just to manage database means just create database, take back up etc and not invove in application development process What companies will look for is application DBAs, who actively involve in application design, performance tuning , write stored procedures etc..

    To A Reader above March 25, - 1: To A Reader above: DBA Job March 26, - But I have seen in many projects DBAs just create database and never involve in application development. Developers deside tables, relationships,indexes etc. Developers write stored proceudres, tune sql statements etc.. DBAs have no idea about the application. I have seen this situation in all my previous projects. April 14, - 9: What is Oracle's advanced technology solutions?

    What exactly they probably consultants do in this area? Can a person with limited experience in RAC installations, capacity planning can handle this role? Oracle Apps April 14, - 1: Gaurav from India. At present,my organisation is giving me an opportunity to work on Oracle Apps.

    Could you pls guide me whether i should look for an Oracle DBA job since they do not have Oracle DBA position vacant or should i take Oracle Apps opportunity within the present organization. Pls clarify my doubts and let me know if i would take a right decision to opt for Oracle Apps.