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But, according to Google via Computer World , it will not wrap all the messaging services under one roof:. We think we can better serve our users by creating products that function really well, and users can choose the product that best suits their needs. While this sounds good on paper, it also makes things bewildering for the user when it comes to sticking with one app for one function. Which one should they use? Why is one of them better than any other? There was an Android app, a Windows app, and even a BlackBerry app.

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Read Next: Google News app hands-on: The be-all-end-all news aggregator. Google decided to drop support for XMPP and instead use its own proprietary platform for its new Google Plus social network , which launched in Both Huddle and Hangouts were born from that change.

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Google then killed Huddle and spun Hangouts off into its own, standalone app. Google hoped Hangouts would be the better, all-encompassing solution to communication by giving users the ability to text chat, video chat, and make calls all within one app. The seven Google messaging apps below are what we have now. Most everyone is aware of Gmail at this point.

You can use the Gmail app on your phone, the web portal at mail.

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The web client supports instant messaging through an integrated Hangouts more on that later. Google Voice is also integrated within the Gmail web portal. This makes the web portal a robust center for you to control multiple messaging experiences, especially with the recent redesign. Best use: Use the Gmail app for your email, especially if you like having lots of control over your workflow.

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Google introduced Inbox by Gmail in as an alternative to the Gmail app. Some of the features born in Inbox — like the Smart Reply feature — have made their way to the native Gmail app. Just like the Gmail mobile app, the Inbox mobile app only lets you do email. In general, Inbox is just a different version of the Gmail interface, which makes one wonder how long the app will last. Okay, this is where things get really confusing.

Hangouts started as a feature within Google Plus that was strictly for video chats. However, facing competition from the likes of Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp , and others , Google needed a standalone service to grab some market share. So it ported out the Hangouts feature into its own app. Now, using Hangouts, you can instant message people, conduct video chats, and place audio phone calls. Last year, Google announced that it would split Hangouts into two different products: Computing Enjoy Windows on a Chromebook with these great tips and tricks If you want to push the functionality of your new Chromebook to another level, and Linux isn't really your deal, you can try installing Windows on a Chromebook.

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Here's how to do so in case you're looking to nab some Windows-only software. Posted 5 days ago — By Tyler Lacoma. Mobile Worried about extra data charges? Here's how to check your usage on an iPhone It's common to get a little nervous about nearing data limits. Keep your peace of mind by checking how much data your iPhone is using.

Our guide on how to check data usage on an iPhone helps you stay in control. Posted 6 days ago — By Simon Hill. But is your phone getting Android 9. We've done the hard work and asked every device manufacturer to see when their devices would be getting the update. Posted 3 hours ago — By Mark Jansen. Mobile Samsung beefs up just about everything in its Galaxy S10 smartphone range Samsung has unveiled its flagship smartphone lineup, and there aren't just two phones as usual -- there are four.

Posted 3 hours ago — By Julian Chokkattu.

From the price tag to the color, we take a look atthe similarities. Posted 3 hours ago — By Simon Hill. Snapchat includes the option to share videos, as well as Snapchat Stories , which lets your friends view photos an unlimited number of times for up to 24 hours. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can also dive into Snapchat's "Discover" option. A quick swipe delivers you to this feed, which allows you to explore snaps from a range of editorial angles.

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Skimming through these is a simple matter of swiping left, with an upward gesture opening images to learn more. Be careful what you share. SnapChat has begun to integrate more social messaging functions. Swipe on a friend's name and you'll pull out a chat window where you can tap out messages, which then disappear when you exit the window.

There is also an icon at the bottom of the home screen that shows you how many of yours buddies are currently on SnapChat. You can even press and hold the capture button to start face-to-face video chatting. The Snapchat home screen is the camera itself. You can navigate to your notification feed and your contact list by swiping your finger left or right respectively. You can access the settings through the notifications section. It's not obvious at first, but because there are so few options, it's easy to get the hang of quickly.

Snapchat keep images secure by deleting them within the app immediately, but there is no way of knowing if the images are archived somewhere else.