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What could be the cause? Sep 22, 8: Make sure your device is connected to the internet. Then you'll see the "define".

How to Use the in Built Dictionary in iOS 7

Click "define". This will download the dictionary Sep 22, Sep 24, 7: Mine too. In Japan, if your phone was in English setting the dictionary would provide an English translation of a Japanese word when you selected "define" and vice versa This translation is totally gone in iOS6. On my phone I never and still dont have a download dictionary feature after tapping define. Sep 24, 6: Sep 24, 9: Same problem.

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I was on data when it made me download the dictionary. Sep 25, 7: I was also sad to see that the translation fuction is gone. Now I get a definition in Japanese instead, which is not at all what I want or need. Exit settings and highlight a word. The "define" option should be displayed.

Once you select define, iOS will prompt you to download the dictionary.

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Let it finish the download completely--don't hit the "Done" button. This is a workaround, but it's better than nothing.

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Sep 26, Thx Jake. This solved the annoying problem.

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When I did put back language back to Dutch I am Dutch it still did function. So thanks again 10 points! Sep 26, 4: I don't know about the update, but in iOS 5 the direction of Eg-Jp dictionary could be switched depending on which Keyboard you put higher on the list. What language are you attempting to use the dictionary in btw? They can also disappear after iOS upgrade. The implementation of the Cydia package is more time-consuming and doesn't supports the One-Click restore, therefore it is less attractive. Restoring with Ansible has an issue, which makes it impossible to add dictionaries under certain circumstances.

It requires the desktop with Ansible and git installed. Nevertheless the small probability e.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary App - for iOS and Android

Jailbroken iOS is more or less an unix OS. Cydia brings apt-get package manager, which makes it possible to install SSH server and python required by Ansible.

The rest of the process declaration for Ansible is pretty simple and OS independent. The only thing you should take in account is the limited selection of the packages could be installed by apt-get. You can also take a look at the entire Ansible role to download and add third-party dictionaries on iOS on Github. Abstract In my daily work and entertainment I use several iOS devices.