Ios load image from url asynchronously

The code above will initialise the session task, the table view data source, as well as the cache object. It will also attach a selector to the refresh control to run each time you pull the table view.

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Once the data are received, the tableData data source array is filled in with records and the table view is reloaded from the main thread. To finish off, you will implement two mandatory data source protocol methods to populate the downloaded data, especially images, in the table view rows. You just implemented the main part of the app, let me breakdown the code above for better understanding:.

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Here, the table view will dequeue a cell for reuse. If no cell is allocated, then the table view will allocate, resize and return a new cell.

Developing iOS Apps Using Swift Part 5 - Async image loading and caching | Jameson Quave

Next, the current game record in the data source array is extracted in a dictionary object. The game title is set to the cell text label and the cell image is temporary assigned to a placeholder image while waiting for it to download. The cache object is a collection-like container, very similar to an NSDictionary instance. Here you used it as a collection of UIImage objects, where the key is the row index this is very important in order to keep track of the right cache image corresponding to each table cell.

So basically, you first check whether there is a cached copy of the current image. If a copy already exists, then you load it in the cell image view. If there is no cached copy of the given image, then you asynchronously download it from server.

Asynchronous image loading in fast scrolling table cells

Assuming the image is downloaded successfully, the code will switch to the main thread in order to load it to the image view. This is important since all UI tasks should be performed in the main queue and not in a background thread. Otherwise, the image will be reused on each cell while scrolling. If not, I encourage anybody to port it over and put it up somewhere for the community to access.

Asynchronous Image Downloading in iOS and Mac OS with Objective-C

Github user nicoschtein pushed a pull request to offer asynchronous downloading of any data type, not just images. The class works exactly the same as before, but now offers more flexibility and reuse for non-image downloads. I've published the AsyncImageDownloader to CocoaPods, making it even easier to integrate the library into your project. Read more about setting that up, right here. Blog Contact.

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See the update at the bottom for the Mac OS implementation. To get the actual data in the response instead of JSON, we hook up.

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Finally, we add the image to the ImageSearchResult object that we created earlier and that already has the attribution info:. Now we can hook up displaying images.

Swift: YouTube - How to Load Images Async in UICollectionView (Ep 6)

We can call the image for searchString: We can work around this problem by using the indexPath: If we do get the cell i. Without cellToUpdate. An optimization would be to be cancel the Alamofire requests if the cell scrolls off of the screen. In our ViewController, we can add a dictionary to hold the images actually, the whole ImageSearchResult including the attribution info.

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