Turn android phone into flash drive

From here, Mac users can skip ahead to Step 3, but Windows users will have to do a tiny bit of initial setup first. So open the Pocketshare app on your Android device, then head to the settings menu. Next, open your favorite web browser on Windows, then head to the URL you copied from the Android app. Next, select "All Files" from the drop-down menu at the bottom of this screen, then name the file "Pocketshare. When you're done there, double-click the Pocketshare. If you get this message, click the "More info" button.

From here, click "Run anyway" to execute the BAT file, then you'll see a window flash on the screen and disappear. Once that happens, reboot your computer to save the changes, then you'll be all set for wireless file sharing. The next time you want to transfer a file from your computer to your phone, just make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then open the Pocketshare app on Android, and the server will start automatically.

Note that you will have to allow Pocketshare access to photos, media, and files on your device. From here, select your computer's name under Devices in Finder's sidebar if you're using an Apple machine, or if you're using a PC, head to "My Computer" in Windows Explorer.

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Aside from that, ads can use up your data. The best way to block these adds is to do process rooting on your phone as it gives you the ability to make all kinds of changes in your phone. If your phone is not rooted, you can only back up several things, such as data and apps. You will not be able to back up system apps and their data and cannot automate your phone. Pre-installed crapware on Android phones are annoying, space-wasting, and battery-draining.

You can only get rid of them if you root your phone. You can then freeze these apps first to ensure your phone functions normally without them and then delete them entirely to free some space.

How to Connect a USB Flash Drive to Your Android Device - PSafe Blog

If you are the type that likes to explore and use every single feature of your Android phone, mobile rooting is for you. With this, you can customize your keyboard layout, achieve faster scrolling, and boost multitasking. You can enjoy this feature if your phone is rooted. You can simplify the flashing with a kernel manager or do it manually. A custom ROM is just a custom version of your Android phone, allowing you to change how you use your phone entirely.

It can bring a non-stock version of your phone back from the stock version, change your operating system, and add many unique and handy features.

How To Turn Your Android Phone into a USB Flash Drive (For Car Audio)

Mobile rooting boils down to letting you own your device because it allows you to do as you please. It also lets you open to other mobile function possibilities that the manufacturers try to block from you. Before going through the process, you must collect a few things.

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One of the options you can look into is KingRoot, which is one of the highest rated programs to date. Nothing happened. Stickmount couldnt detect any USB storage, so it couldnt mount too when I clicked mount. Google no longer allows me to move files to my otg storage! It was working fine for a long time and today it tells me I need to be rooted put files on my USB!

How To Use Your Android Phone as a USB Drive

What's the point in having external storage if you can't put files on it? I don't understand. Why is this behaviour? Can someone explain. Well i can read from it but i cang write on the pendrive i. Also, does the pendrive usually work as expected? Do you have a second Android device you might be able to test it with? Will this work with a game camera SD card? I'd like to view and or download pictures from that on my phone.. To expand memory otg is obsolete: You can use a flash drive as well as an external hard disk, all hidden in your pocket, just connected to the wireless device.

What music player do you use? I use poweramp and it won't read the files but I can go with a file browser and listen to one song at a time which isn't ideal. How did you get the music app to see the music? I can play one file at a time but not the whole album: So, if I'm getting it right, on Android 4. I meant to add that, yes, I've had tremendous success with OTG. Most no-name Chinese tablets come ready rooted, stock Android and you can connect all sorts of USB widgets to them. I also found a 16Gb "double ended" USB flash pendrive with two endcaps.

Things You Will Need

OTG must be in there somewhere, because it just works. It came from Ali-Express, but is probably on ebay and Amazon by now. There have been loads of those, for quite a while now. I used to have a cable with a full size USB A plug at each end and a blob of electronics in the middle.

You could join a PC to a laptop and transfer files with it - one way.

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Moving stuff back required you to turn the cable around. It saved all the hassle of briefly networking the 2 machines over Ethernet, or worse, making a null-modem cable to move stuff through the COM port. RS ? COM port? Clear to Send?

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Wireless Flash Drive

Not a clue? You haven't lived guys. Moving data around used to be a major civil engineeing job! The electronics in my old cable have moved in behind the 5 pin mini or micro USB port. Simply grounding the extra pin in the plug makes the device a host. Very clever - but older technology than you think.

Bump turns your phone into your universal thumb drive

I have used this setup and I have yet to find a way to disconnect properly, or "unmount" the flash drive. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. Before during and after trying out iOS 8 on a iPhone 4S, I knew I wanted an android device for a smart phone or tablet. When I found out about mounting a usb flash drive and even an external hard drive it made me want an android as my mobile device of choice.

I've seen USB 3. Unless I were to use an external hard disk drive that has usb 3. Some time ago, I was foolish and failed to get a bumper jacket for my Nexus Finally, it fell face down and apparently hit a tiny pebble. I got so many cracks I didn't try to count. Digitizer died totally, but display was fine. Yeah, unfortunately that's true.