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Easy peasy. This is an awesome way to get noticeable notifications without having to rely on a sound or vibration. By using Tasker , you can automate all sorts of things on your Galaxy S3. You can have Tasker perform some crazy functions, such as changing data and connections settings based on time of day or apps. So, if you want to turn off data or WiFi during the night, Tasker will do this automatically. Tasker can do that too. With the new materials that Motorola has been exploring with their Moto X, it seems that wood is the way to go.

Bring a little bit of class to your device. One of the best ways to look after your Galaxy S3 better is to make the most out of its battery. Check out our guide to improving Galaxy S3 battery life. This makes sending larger files a lot easier.

Best Features Of The Galaxy SIII (S3) And Why You Should Buy The Samsung Galaxy SIII

Setting it up is also easy to do. When starting your Android in Safe Mode, like on your Windows PC, this will create a safe environment where third-party apps are not loaded. Here you can uninstall apps that are causing your phone problems, among other things. Check out our simple guide to safe mode on the Galaxy S3 for more info. Some users have reported that Wi-Fi will annoyingly drop out for no apparent reason.

Here we cover some tips on how you can amend this pesky issue so you won't suffer from Wi-Fi dropping out on the Galaxy S3. Did you know that you can put a news feed on your Galaxy S3 lock screen? In this tutorial, we'll show you how easily it can be done. We explain the steps in our tutorial. Did you know that this even existed?

This walkthrough shows you how to access the hidden service menu on the Galaxy S3. A Galaxy S3 screenshot should be on every S3 owner's tips list! Not everyone has an unlimited data plan. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the Galaxy S3 and its ability to set data limits. You can also check back here later on to see how much data you have used and also which apps are using this data. Super helpful!

You can also set how long it takes before you device timeouts and locks the screen when there is no activity. By double tapping the Home button, the S3 will bring up S-Voice. If you're a news junkie, maybe you wish you could know the day's top stories even before you make it out of bed.

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With the Daily Briefing, your phone will read to you the day's main headlines, the weather, and any appointments you may have lined up. By now, you probably know about the Galaxy S3's Pop-Up Play feature, which allows you to drag the video your watching over any other app and multi-task like a fiend. But you probably didn't know that the Galaxy S3 also has a video screen locking feature which allows you to lock a video so that it's impossible to stop if you accidentally touch the screen.

You can lock the video simply by pressing the power button once it's begun. If you've ever wished taking a call could be a bit simpler, you should check out this feature. You can also reject calls by swiping your hand above the phone's screen.

50 Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks

This can be switched on or off in the Motion section of the Settings menu. Taking a group photo is inherently frustrating: But with the Galaxy S3, all you have to do is shout "shoot" at your phone and it'll take the photo. Sure you'll look a bit unhinged, but it's better than taking a blurry, dull photo. Custom ringtones are great when you want to know who's calling, but what about when you need your phone to stay silent?

Luckily, the Galaxy S3 allows you to set custom vibrations for different people, so that you can still tell who's calling even when your phone is in silent mode. Lots of phones make it easy to take a screenshot but the Galaxy S3 is arguably the easiest. All you need to do is swipe the screen with your palm. That's it.

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If you can't hear someone over the phone, the Galaxy S3 has a clever way of helping you out. If you've maxed out your phone's volume, you can add extra volume via a button that appears on your screen, next to the contact phone. Give the Galaxy S3 a double tap on the top, next to the headphone socket, with your finger to scroll to the top of your contact list, email list or email messages. Tap to top can be switched on and off in the Motion section of the settings menu.

This is one of the most interesting features of the Galaxy S3; the phone offers a personalized call-equalization setting which tests each of your ears with a range of tones and frequencies to see how well you hear them. Downloaded videos taken on my S3 to my computer and they are not viewable - the sound plays great but the image does nothing.

50 Samsung Galaxy S3 tips and tricks | Trusted Reviews

I have searched for any solutions and unable to find one - the videos are one of a kind of my baby and irreplaceable - any help appreciated!! Probably because A it's an awesome phone and B because there are people like me who apparently been living under a rock and is ridiculously behind on the smart phone obsession and knowledge That ain't none of my business though!! I didn't understand the way to boost the volume with this explanations in your article: If you've maxed out on your phone's volume, you can add extra volume via a button that appears on your screen, next to the contact phone.

When ur on the phone in conversation look at the menu. You will see a little green phone icon middle right.

1. Take a screenshot with a palm swipe

Click on that for volume boost. You can not boost before a call only during. I'm impressed, Weston! Good to see that someone loves this phone. I'm just moving on to an iphone. Bought and S3 18 months ago. Good and bad bits: By the end of the year a software 'upgrade' had messed up the wifi connectivity, reduced battery life etc. And the response from Samsung? Today it has decided that it doesn't contain a SIM. I would never buy another Samsung product, because I just don't trust the manufacturer.

So when you upgraded the wifi wouldnt work anymore?! For wifi to be un-useable Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the gift that just keeps on giving. You can record songs from the radio with your Galaxy S3 and save them on your computer. Blocking mode will ensure you get a good night's sleep. Face Unlock isn't the most secure way of locking your phone but could be used together with voice recognition.

The Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge use the older, less accurate swipe sensor where you have to swipe down from the display onto the home button. The new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have an embedded fingerprint sensor just like the iPhone's TouchID, where you only have to place your finger over the home button. In addition to keeping your phone locked from prying eyes, your fingerprint s can be used to log into your Samsung account, sign in on web sites and verify PayPal purchases. One thing I really hate when the weather is cold is that I can't use my iPhone without 1 taking my gloves off and freezing my fingers off or 2 buying special gloves with touchscreen-friendly tips.

Galaxy users have no such problem; the phone's display sensitivity can be increased to work with regular, non-touchscreen gloves. Performing a two-finger swipe down from the notification bar will also open up the quick settings menu where "Touch sensitivity" can be switched on and off. There is no glove-mode on the GS3. There's no greater fear than losing your phone and worrying about some thief accessing all of its contents. If you're smart, you'll have secured your phone with a passcode, pattern lock or even a fingerprint.

Just like the iPhone's "Find my iPhone" feature, which lets you track and remote erase its data from a computer, Galaxy phones have a "Find My Mobile" feature. To activate the feature you will need to create and log in with a Samsung account. If your device doesn't have the "Find My Mobile" feature, you can turn on its "Android Device Manager" feature and log into its companion website to do the same thing. Galaxy Note 3: It's a common misconception that the Galaxy Note phones are the only ones that can run two apps at the same time.

Multi window can be enabled by performing a two-finger swipe down from the notification bar and switched on in the quick settings panel or by going into the Settings app:. Don't ask me why they're different, they just are. With the Face unlock feature set up, when you hold your phone up to your face, the front-camera will attempt to scan your it.

If it recognizes your face, the phone will unlock. If it doesn't, it'll remain locked. It's not the most secure way to lock your phone — the camera can be easily circumvented with a photograph — but when it works, it's pretty cool. And if you really want to beef things up some more, you can also add a special voice command for added security. Just select "Face and voice" within the Screen lock settings as listed above.

There is no face unlock feature on the Galaxy Note 3, but there is a signature unlock feature, which lets you sign your name with the S Pen stylus it won't work with your finger to unlock it:. First introduced on the Galaxy S3, Smart stay is a way for Samsung Galaxy phones to use the front-facing camera to detect when to dim and turn off the display. If the camera detects your face looking at the screen, it'll stay on, regardless of how long you set the display's sleep mode to.

And if it doesn't see your face, it'll dim, then turn off according the pre-set sleep mode timer.